Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)

Research Scientist/Senior Scientist, analytics and research service developer

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We offer our customers research and development services based on our outstanding biological and technological expertise.

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About the workplace

Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) is a research organisation working to promote bioeconomy and sustainable use of natural resources. We provide solutions and services to our customers based on best available scientific knowledge. Our research results and services generate added value and sustainability as well as scientific evidence to support decision making. We carry out research on forestry, agriculture, food, game, and fisheries. We also perform statutory services.
Being open-minded and curious and having a strong will to leave a positive mark to the world binds Luke people together. Together we build a positive working culture where each other’s work is highly respected. In Luke, the work assignments are versatile and employees can influence the content of their work. We work in a mobile work culture which gives you the possibility to work from wherever in Finland it suits you the best. Luke offers a multidisciplinary international research environment with unique research infrastructures, experimental sites and well-equipped laboratories.

Work tasks

We are looking for an experienced analytics and research service developer to join our bioeconomy accounting team.
We develop analytical, research and online services for bioeconomy businesses and society, combining sustainability and economic aspects. The work focuses on the development of the application services of the Economy Doctor platform, which utilises business data, and on using the services in research and expert work in a team consisting of top specialists.
We offer you flexible working hours, the opportunity to work at multiple locations, team support, as well as the opportunity to influence and develop in your work. The Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) is a diverse work community of specialists, where work is also motivating through its impact.

A personnel security clearance may be obtained for a person chosen for an office or a post with his or her consent (Security Clearance Act 726/2014). For more information on the security clearance procedure and the rights of the person subject to clearance, visit


We expect solid and proven experience and interest in business analytics, research and service development. Excellent IT skills and a comprehensive knowledge of SAS software are essential in the position. Knowledge of other programming languages is an advantage (e.g., R, Python, PHP, JavaScript, MATLAB, SQL). To be successful in this position, you must have a relevant postgraduate degree in a field such as economics, agricultural economics or computer science. A doctoral degree is considered an advantage. We also require excellent or good command of Finnish and/or English and good collaboration skills.
We value expertise in business economics of companies in the agricultural and natural resources sector. We also value the ability to work in national and international research and specialist networks.

Scope of employment

Form of employment: Permanent employment

Scope:   Office work

Commencement:   17.10.2022


Last application date:   31.8.2022 16:00

Reference number:   30-255-2022

You can apply for this job via:

You may also apply for this position by submitting your application to the address below. The job reference of the role must be cited both in the actual application and on the envelope. Applications will not be returned.

Luonnonvarakeskuksen kirjaamo
Latokartanonkaari 9
00790 Helsinki, FINLAND

Please attach your application letter and CV.


 The position is at complexity level 9 in Luke's salary system and the position-specific salary is EUR 3.686,47 per month. In addition, a salary component based on personal performance will be paid (max. 50% of the position-specific salary). A new employee's personal performance component depends on competence and experience and generally falls in the range of 15-20%. The applicant may also present a separate salary request.


Our mobile work model allows you to work in Finland in the location most appropriate for your work. In addition, we provide flexible hours, and as your employment with us continues, long vacations. We offer lunch benefits, as well as sports, culture or commuting support.
For international recruits, we provide a relocation package, which includes concrete support for coming to Finland and Luke (eg. residence permit, various registration procedures, banking and taxation, finding an apartment).


Number of positions advertised:   1


Contact persons

Arto Latukka+358 29 532

Heidi PokkiGroup Manager+358 29 532


Natural Resources Institute Finland
Latokartanonkaari 9
00790 Helsinki


Please note that the application period expires on 31 August 2022 at 4.00 pm Finnish time (EEST). Unfortunately, we are unable to consider late applications.

Read more: Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)

A trial period is 4 months.

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Research Scientist/Senior Scientist, analytics and research service developer
Latokartanonkaari 9 Helsinki, Suomi
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We offer our customers research and development services based on our outstanding biological and technological expertise.

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