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Associate Professor (førsteamanuensis or førstelektor) in natural science

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OsloMet's vision is to deliver knowledge to solve societal challenges. Norway's most urban and 3rd largest university.

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There are up to two vacant, permanent full-time positions as Associate Professor (førsteamanuensis or førstelektor) in natural science at the Department of Early Childhood Education at the Faculty of Education and International Studies from 1 August 2022.      

The Department of Early Childhood Education has approximately 2000 students and 115 academic staff members and is located at the Oslo Metropolitan University campus in the centre of Oslo. The department offers a Bachelor Programme in Early Childhood Education and Care, a M. Phil. Programme in Early Childhood Education, courses taught in English, as well as further and continuing education programmes. The faculty offers a Ph.D. in Education. The department collaborates extensively with kindergartens and other institutions relevant to our work. The faculty members collaborate in interdisciplinary teaching teams. Science is part of the subject area «Nature, health and movement».

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  • teach and supervise at the bachelor's, master’s and, if relevant, Ph.D. levels, in all subjects linked to the science subject and the subject area in the early childhood education program
  • teach at various further education courses and courses assigned by the kindergarten sector
  • follow up students in practical training
  • initiate and carry out research and development
    The profile of the faculty is teacher education, so profession-oriented research and development work is emphasised. It is important that the appointed candidate is willing to focus on research that is relevant to professional practice within the kindergarten field.
  • initiate and participate in the development of major research projects and applications for external funding in collaboration with colleagues 
  • seek out and actively collaborate with national and international research partners
  • contribute to the further development of the academic community and the department’s study programmes
  • disseminate research results to the international academic community and society in general
  • carry out academic administrative tasks

Required qualifications:

  • To be appointed to a position of Associate Professor (førsteamanuensis), a candidate must hold a doctorate degree such as a Ph.D. degree in biology, physics or chemistry or the equivalent, from a university, university college, or the equivalent.  
  • To be appointed to a position of Associate Professor (førstelektor), a candidate must hold a graduate degree in biology, physics or chemistry or the equivalent, meeting at least the requirements equivalent to a master’s degree as specified by NOKUT. For details, see https://www.nokut.no/en/foreign-education/nokuts-criteria-for-general-recognition-of-foreign-higher-education/. In addition, documentation of research and development work corresponding in quality and scope to that required for a doctorate degree, is required. 
  • If there are no sufficiently qualified applicants meeting the requirements for the title of Associate Professor (førsteamanuensis / førstelektor applicants may be appointed to the position of Assistant Professor (universitetslektor), on the condition that the appointee qualifies for a permanent position as Associate Professor (førsteamanuensis / førstelektor), within three years (according to UH-loven § 6-5).
    In this case, applicants who have started the process of qualifying for the position of Associate Professor (førsteamanuensis/førstelektor), such as Ph.D. candidates who have yet to submit their dissertations, will be prioritised. Applicants with publications of high quality who may qualify for promotion to Associate Professor (førstelektor), are also encouraged to apply.
  • To be appointed to a position of Assistant Professor (universitetslektor), a candidate must have completed a master’s degree in biology, physics or chemistry, or the equivalent, from a university, university college, or equivalent institution. NOKUT specifies the requirements of a degree at this level in Norway: https://www.nokut.no/en/foreign-education/nokuts-criteria-for-general-recognition-of-foreign-higher-education/.
  • The applicant must be able to document relevant educational theory and practice qualifications. Applicants who are unable to document basic teaching qualifications upon appointment, must acquire these qualifications within two years. Oslo Metropolitan University offers a course on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (UHPED) in English, that meets this requirement.
  • Proficiency in oral and written English is required. Applicants who do not have adequate proficiency in a Scandinavian language must acquire Norwegian skills corresponding to at least level B2 within three years after starting in the position.

In the assessment and ranking of qualified applicants, emphasis will be placed on:

  • research and development work particularly relevant for the kindergarten field. Emphasis will be placed on publications from the past six years. 
  • experience with research networks and externally funded projects  
  • potential for project acquisition
  • teaching and supervision experience at the bachelor's and master’s levels, preferably with ECEC-education
  • experience with and knowledge of children’s play and learning in the kindergarten, primary school or similar educational institutions
  • experience with and knowledge of the scope of the science subject, versatile fieldwork and practical work with the subject.
  • pedagogical competence related to work in kindergartens, schools or similar institutions
  • pedagogical skills as well as supervision experience on various levels
  • digital proficiency, including experience with student-active learning methods and the use of digital teaching, learning and assessment tools
  • the ability to communicate and collaborate with students and colleagues
  • personal qualities that can contribute positively to the working environment
  • experience with academic administrative tasks
  • good oral and written presentation skills in a Scandinavian language and English 

General criteria for appointments to academic posts are found in the Regulations for appointment and promotion to academic posts.

Oslo Metropolitan University tests teaching qualifications through trial lectures held in connection with interviews.

Oslo Metropolitan University strives to ensure that our employees reflect the diversity of the population of the region. We work continuously to further develop Oslo Metropolitan University as an inclusive workplace, and to adapt the workplace if required. We welcome applications from all qualified candidates, also those who have experienced periods without work, education or training.

Application process:

The following documents must be uploaded before the deadline:

  • application letter
  • CV
  • all pages of certificates and diplomas
  • complete list of publications
  • documentation of professional work and educational experience
  • up to ten scholarly works and an overview of them, including your PhD thesis if relevant
  • two references with contact information

All documents must be uploaded in order for your application to be processed. The documents must be in a Scandinavian language or English. Translations must be government authorised, and originals must be presented in connection with interviews. Oslo Metropolitan University checks documents in order to ensure a proper evaluation of all candidates and ensure fair competition. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Applicants will be assessed by an expert committee. All applications will be reviewed by the faculty before the application papers are forwarded to the expert committee. Applications from applicants who are not qualified, will not be forwarded for assessment.

If you have documents that cannot be uploaded electronically, please contact Ingrid Andvin Tsolakis: iats@oslomet.no

We offer: 

  • interesting tasks at Norway’s third largest university
  • participation in research groups and a creative and inspiring academic environment
  • opportunities for professional development
  • time for profession-oriented research and development
  • loan and pension arrangements with the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund
  • beneficial welfare schemes and a wide range of sports and cultural offers
  • free Norwegian language classes to employees
  • working location in downtown Oslo with multiple cultural offers 

Practical information about relocation to Oslo and living in Norway 

Further information:

For further information about the position, please contact:

  • Head of department Inger Marie Lindboe, mobile: +47 954 75 435/ E-mail ingerlin@oslomet.no
  • Head of studies Hege Løberg, mobile: +47 93407103/ E-mail
  • Head of the natural science section Unni Vik, mobile: +47 95996927/ E-mail unnivik@oslomet.no

The salary for the position is in accordance with the pay scale for state employees:
The annual salary range for Associate Professor (førsteamanuensis, position code 1011 or førstelektor, position code 1198) is NOK 543 500 – NOK 702 100. The annual salary range for Assistant Professor, position code 1009 is NOK 468 300 –NOK 604 700. A higher salary may be considered for particularly qualified applicants. A contribution of 2% to the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund is deducted from the salary.

Please apply electronically for the position by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.

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Associate Professor (førsteamanuensis or førstelektor) in natural science
Pilestredet 46 Oslo, Norja
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Ajoneuvojen dynamiikka, , Akustiikka, , Analyyttinen kemia, , Biofysiikka, , Bioinformatiikka, ja 89 muuta Biokemia, Biostatistiikka, Bioteknologia, Ekologia, Eläinbiologia, Eläintiede, Entomologia, Epäorgaaninen kemia, Evoluutiobiologia, Fotokemia, Fotoniikka, Fysikaalinen kemia, Fysiologia, Fytokemia, Genetiikka, Geofysiikka, Histologia, Hiukkasfysiikka, Ihmisen biologia, Ilmakemia, Immunokemia, Järjestelmäbiologia, Kasvitiede, Katalyysi, Kehitysbiologia, Kemiallinen biologia, Kemiallinen fysiikka, Kemiallinen informatiikka, Kemiallinen termodynamiikka, Kiihdytinfysiikka, Kiinteän olomuodon kemia, Kokeellinen fysiikka, Kronobiologia, Kryogeniikka, Kvanttifysiikka, Laserfysiikka, Laskennallinen biologia, Laskennallinen fysiikka, Laskennallinen kemia, Limnologia, Lääketieteellinen fysiikka, Lääketieteen kemia, Matemaattinen fysiikka, Matemaattinen kemia, Materiaalifysiikka, Materiaalikemia, Meribiologia, Mikrobiologia, Molekyylibiologia, Molekyylifysiikka, Molekyylikemia, Mykologia, Nanobiokemia, Nanobiologia, Nanokemia, Nanoteknologia, Neurotiede, Optiikka, Orgaaninen kemia, Organometallinen kemia, Paleobiologia, Parasitologia, Petrokemia, Pintakemia, Plasmafysiikka, Polymeerikemia, Radiokemia, Rakennebiologia, Solid-state Physics, Solubiologia, Spektroskopia, Synteettinen kemia, Syöpätutkimus, Sähkökemia, Sähkömagnetismi, Taksonomia, Teknillinen fysiikka, Teoreettinen fysiikka, Teoreettinen kemia, Termodynamiikka, Termokemia, Tiiviin aineen fysiikka, Virologia, Virtausmekaniikka, Virtausoppi, Ydin-, molekyyli- ja optinen fysiikka, Ydinfysiikka, Ydinkemia, Ympäristökemia
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OsloMet's vision is to deliver knowledge to solve societal challenges. Norway's most urban and 3rd largest university.

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