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Research profile title: epidemiology

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This scheme aims to facilitate the recruitment of young lecturer-researchers on the basis of job profiles pre-identified by the institution in emerging and highly multidisciplinary disciplines or where there are strong international stakes. The scheme is part of a talent management policy shared with partner institutions, particularly research organizations. Synergies with the systems of these organizations, whether ATIP-Avenir or "Inria Starting Faculty Position", will be sought.


The chair will be funded for a period between three and five years maximum. The chairholder will be first recruited on a fixed-term contract as a lecturer-researcher during which his or her work is monitored and evaluated (evaluation at 3 years and then at the end of the chair). If the evaluations are successful, the University of Bordeaux will then publish a statutory position. This recruitment will be carried out via the traditional competitive procedure.


The funding will cover the salary of the project leader for a maximum of 5 years (3-year fixed-term contract renewable for 2 years after evaluation; or 3 years + 1 year, 2 years + 2 years; 2 years + 1 year depending on the situation). In addition, as this is an attractiveness scheme targeting the teaching and research profession, a teaching service with a minimum of 64 hours/year may be requested.

Project-related costs such as running costs, equipment and for the recruitment of staff dedicated to the project, may complete the Chair's budget. This can be done either within the framework of this program or within the framework of external funding (regional chair, Atip Avenir), depending on the recruitment situation.

The main stages of this scheme are explained below:

Pre-recruitment chairs

For further information on the call for applications, the eligibility criteria and the evaluation process, please refer to the Applicant’s Guide (additional documents section).

Disciplinary field(s): Epidemiology

Targeted CNU4 section(s): 85-86


Research profile title: epidemiology

Research department5: Public Health

Research Profile:


Bordeaux Population Health research center (BPH)

Director(s) of Laboratory(ies) - contacts details:

Stéphanie Debette / stephanie.debette@u-bordeaux.fr

Description of the research project:

The BPH (https://www.bordeaux-population-health.center/en/) is a joint University of Bordeaux-Inserm-Inria-IRD research unit with more than 500 people in 10 teams working on various population health topics (aging, health in resource-limited countries, infectious diseases, nutrition, neurovascular, cancer, etc.). The BPH is one of the main population health research centers in France and is characterized by its capacity to create large research infrastructures (cohorts, trials), the use of large national medico-administrative databases, diseases registries and its strong methodological component (2 teams in biostatistics). BPH researchers are also involved in several Major Research Programs of the University of Bordeaux including IPORA - Interdisciplinary Policy-Oriented Research on Africa.

The candidate will have to propose a research project integrated in a BPH team. The project should be developed in articulation with the other components of the host team and, if possible, in interaction with other BPH teams. He.She will have to conceive an innovative project in relation to the research already developed while making the best use of the available resources.

Expected competences:

The candidate should have a strong background in epidemiology or biostatistics/data science (PhD thesis). He.She should have demonstrated the ability to conduct research independently and successfully, for instance: having published several articles in international journals as first or last author, having obtained funding in his.her own name, being invited to conferences in foreign institutions and international conferences, etc. International and multidisciplinary collaborations are welcome.

Because of the desire to strengthen the internationalization of the BPH, special attention will be given to international candidates. Experience in research supervision (supervision/training of students or technical staff) is essential.

Expected scientific impact:

The arrival of a young researcher at the BPH will allow the development of a new field of research while benefiting from the expertise of the BPH in terms of methods as well as in terms of the structuring tools in place (cohorts, therapeutic trials).

Population health is one of the priority areas of the University of Bordeaux and the candidate will find all the support necessary to develop his/her own research program.



Title of the training profile: Epidemiology

Assignment component6: College of Health Sciences

Pedagogical profile:

Pedagogical assignment (education unit): Institut de santé publique, d’épidémiologie et de développement (ISPED)

Director of the education unit - contact details: Simone Mathoulin-Pélissier

Training courses concerned: Master of Public Health mainly

Pedagogical objectives and need for supervision:

The candidate will have to teach epidemiology in ISPED training programs mainly, and to a lesser extent in other programs at the University of Bordeaux (Faculty of medicine/pharmacy/odontology). ISPED's training offer includes a master's degree in public health with nine face-to-face concentrations (Epidemiology, Health promotion; Health services administration; Biostatistics, Environmental and occupation health, International health, Information systems and computer technologies for health, Public health data science, Nurse executive manager), and two e-learning concentrations (Generalist public health, Health promotion and community health). All courses are taught in French, except for two concentrations: Public health data science (100% English) and Health promotion in Spanish (100% Spanish). ISPED also offers more than twenty university diplomas (one year part-time) in French in different fields of public health, and a summer school in public health (in French and English).

The candidate will have to demonstrate adequate and innovative teaching skills, and an ability to adapt to a wide range of audience. He.She will propose the development of new courses in his/her field of expertise, and should be able to teach a wide range of methods in epidemiology, from basic to advanced methods in both study designs and statistical analyses. The candidate will also be involved in the development of the future curriculum of the Epidemiology concentration. He/she will participate in the selection of students for enrolment in the Master's program, and in the monitoring and evaluation of internships in epidemiology. He/she will also contribute to distance learning, to the development of continuing education, and to the internationalization of ISPED's training. Experience in teaching is essential, as well as an ability to teach in French from the outset.

4 Website of the national council of universities (CNU) : https://conseil-national-des-universites.fr/cnu/#/

5 Description of the research departments : https://www.u-bordeaux.com/Research/Research-departments

6 Description of the training structures: https://www.u-bordeaux.com/Education/Colleges-Institutes

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Research profile title: epidemiology
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