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Our missions support a driving ambition to further develop as a “Campus of Excellence”:

  • Provide a broad range of high quality academic programs, from undergraduate studies to research projects
  • Support our students with professional orientation and integration guidance
  • Promote scientific and technological research, and the findings of such research
  • Participate in the development and internationalization of the European higher education and research system
  • Promote our international collaboration via strategic partnerships and alliances


Our values are based on an open and humanistic philosophy, favoring the principles of freedom, creativity and responsibility in education and research. They uphold the evolution of society via the creation, transmission and promotion of knowledge as well as critical thought. These values, which guide our everyday actions, are:

  • Ambition and excellence
  • Responsibility in all contexts: academic, economic and social
  • Innovation and dynamism in scientific, educational and cultural domains
  • Autonomy at all levels: intellectual, institutional and individual
  • Openness to the world and its diversity with a focus on partnerships and collaboration

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