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Oulu has it all. University life with a tight-knit, supportive community.
Work life with innovation, talented colleagues, and top-level research.
A safe life in a lively Nordic country.
An affordable life in a beautiful sea-side city with nature and activities.
Oulu life is good life.

The University of Oulu is one of Finland’s leading universities. We value scientific excellence, autonomy, diversity, and equality. You and your career deserve a good life.

The University of Oulu as an employer

  • Scientific excellence: we combine multidisciplinarity, cutting edge research and teaching, and a genuine spirit of collaboration to deliver outstanding scientific and educational output.

  • Autonomy and empowerment: we encourage you to independently use your skills, grow and develop, and do work that makes a difference.

  • Diversity and equality: as an employer, we value and foster diversity by pro-actively promoting equality and non-discrimination.

  • Genuine work-life balance: we provide a flexible and family-friendly organizational culture that safeguards the wellbeing of all and gives you the freedom to balance your working and private life.

Working at the University of Oulu means being surrounded by inspirational colleagues from all over the world, carrying out important work in outstanding facilities equipped with cutting edge tools and resources, and being encouraged to grow and develop as you make a positive impact on both the scientific community and wider society.

And it's not all about work. Our flexible and family-friendly environment makes it easy for you to strike the perfect balance between work and homelife. We also offer you a wide range of staff benefits – from occupational healthcare and paid parental leave to sport, cultural, and wellness benefits. For new staff with partners, our spouse network is there to help your significant other settle in Finland alongside you.



The eight faculties with their specialized research units create the foundation for multidisciplinary research and innovation.
The faculties are:

Science with Arctic Attitude

The demanding conditions of the far north have always forced people to be inventive and resourceful. In fact, many world-changing innovations have their roots right here, close to the Arctic Circle. Research at the University of Oulu benefits people living at all latitudes.

We call this Science with Arctic Attitude.

Our research actively tackles global challenges related to environmental change, population growth, an ageing society, and rising wealth, all of which place ever greater demands on our planet's precious resources, as well as on public infrastructure and services.

We also explore topics related to urbanization and digitalization, which are rapidly changing the ways we communicate, learn, work, and consume services.

The University of Oulu produces vital research-based knowledge and highly-educated experts ideally suited to navigate an ever changing world.

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